Newgrange Hof is the first of many Asatru Folk Assembly Hofs for our Folk to gather and assemble as a community. It is not just a building but a “home away from home”. We have made the first step in making it ours with the help of all of our Folk to put a down payment on and finance the Hof. Now, we would like to make this Hof officially ours by working together as a Folk to pay it off.

This Hof serves as a place to honor our Gods, Goddesses and Ancestors. It is also OUR place to assemble as a Folk for momentous occasions such as Weddings, Baby Namings and Holy Days. Our Folk come from all over the lands to assemble here as a community.

Remember, all donations are tax deductible, so let’s all pitch in to make Newgrange Hof ours!!!

Hail the Gods and Goddesses
Hail the Folk
Hail the AFA

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